Monday, February 2, 2015

FTV A Changing of Cadets

Today was a day that has never before happened on the TS Kennedy. The first half of the freshman cadets (group A) completed their cruise and the second wave of freshman (group B) arrived in San Juan.
When the Academy found that the Kennedy could not fit its huge 4/C class, they chartered a JetBlue plane to fly the cadets and new crew from TF Green airport RI to San Juan. 

This morning came early for Group  B. They were instructed to muster in Admirals hall at 0230 to meet before getting on the busses and heading to the airport.
While over here in San Juan, the cadets of group A were packing their bags and getting ready to head back to the snow. 
The busses arrived at the port this afternoon at 1200 and the group B cadets where split into their divisions and given their berthing (rooming) assignments.
The day went incredibly smooth for such a daunting task, thanks to the senior cadets who helped organize and coordinate the groups coming and going in such a helpful, organized, friendly, These cadets always seemed to be two steps ahead the entire time.
The afternoon for the new cadets and crew was filled with meetings and briefings from the Captain and even some in port emergency drills. The new cadets get a few more days in San Juan and then its off to sea.

Speaking of packing and shipping--Try some of these activities

Learn about different packages that have been engineered to transport hearts for surgery, blood for analysis, and foods to retain freshness.Then try this challenge. 

Work in teams of "engineers" to design a package using standard materials that will safely ship a single chip through the mail to the school address.

Your snack food has to survive a rigorous journey from manufacturing site to when it is consumed. 

Design and construct your own food packages, 

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