Sunday, February 8, 2015

FTV Pyrotechnic Distress Signals

Today the Captain called all of the cadets and crew to the Helo deck for a special demonstration on the ships emergency pyrotechnics. During the demonstration they displayed multiple forms of pyrotechnics for all different types of emergency situations. Some of the pyrotechnics that were displayed produced an orange smoke that would be used for signaling aircrafts that are flying overhead. The red parachute flare is used for signaling other vessels that are around your position during the time of distress. Captain Bushy called cadet volunteers to test out the pyrotechnics off the port side of the ship to gain some first hand experience. This was a great learning experience for all who decided to volunteer. It was a great day and not only did we all learn something about emergency procedures aboard the ship, but it was a beautiful day out at sea. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Watch these videos to learn what the Captain Taught Us.

Learn more about how Ships communicate distress without words

When a vessel is in distress and requires assistance she shall use or exhibit the appropriate signals 

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