Sunday, January 31, 2016


Costa Rica is very hot this time of year. It is their summer and it sure feels like it. There is a breeze along the coast but it has no effect unless you are in the shade.  As I said, the small city of Puntarenas has many restaurants and a long beach with trinket sales stands, but it looks like the cadets may have
found other places to enjoy the Country.  I am thinking Jaco Beach and the town of Quapos, which are about 30-40 kilometers down the coast.

We arranged several activities for this port.  Yesterday there were trips to the mountains for Zip Line tours, and another to the south in the hills for white water rafting.  They are both arranged for today too so the cadets have the option to try both.  I did the rafting trip which I enjoyed. Zip lines are not so much for me. But the rafting was fun, we traveled seven kilometers on the river, and dropped 400 meters along the way. We saw plenty of white water, cool pools to jump in, a 4-meter vertical drop, and a 5 meter cliff jump.  The trip included a lunch, causing the cadets sleep the nearly two-hour bus ride back to the ship.

Tomorrow morning we’ll get underway and head for Panama. Hoping to catch a Tuesday evening transit, but most likely it will be on Wednesday morning.  If so we have to hustle to get over to Aruba on time.

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