Friday, January 30, 2015

FTV Exam Day

This guest blog comes from 4/c Sarah Monteiro
This is exam day on the ship for the cadets. Each freshman student has been taking classes over the last 3 weeks learning about all the different majors offered at MMA. Their exams cover: engineering, marine safety, environmental protection, international maritime business, emergency management,and marine transportation.
Upper-class cadets focus on acing tests in their chosen major. For sophomore and senior deck cadets, there is an exam that covers their training days.

Additionally, they will take STCW assessments and qualifications exams. These tests are USCG approved Seafarers Training, Certification, & Watchkeeping (STCW) Code. STCW Basic Training consists of four courses; Basic First Aid/ CPR (Provided in partnership with Maritime Training International), Basic Firefighting Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, and Personal Survival Techniques. The Code was established to set certain minimum international training standards for professional mariners. 
Sophomore and senior engineering cadets have an exam as well as a plate exam, for which they will need to draw one of the systems in the engine room. 

In between maintenance, watch and training, cadets have been making sure to study hard for each test they have, all while trying to find time to get a nice tan on the Helo deck!

Mass Maritime prepares students for today's STEM Careers. STEM disciplines prepare students for jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine -- the careers that will be in demand in the future, and will create the economy of tomorrow.

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